I used a lot of different drums snare. But most of the time, I play with my Ludwig and Stewart drums and Ludwig snares. I also have my classic kit Pearl for new rock occasion.
Since I play drums, Sabian cymbals has been my favorite sound and inspiration for live performance and studio.
I am a LOS CABOS Drumsticks Artist :
I have played with a lot of brands of sticks since 18 years, and since 6 years I play only with the best sticks on Earth : Los Cabos drumsticks (Rock Hickory, Slapsticks and brushes). The products they made are top quality and the team at Fredericton is amazing. You have to meet these people!!! Thanks guys
I play guitar since I have 11 years hold. I'm a very good rythm guitar. Like drums, always on time and with the 11-52 gage I have a huge rythm sound for a rock band.
I play with 2 kinds of guitars : Firebird (Red and White) and a Dez guitar (insérer link).
I have also a little pedal board with : Boss tuner, Mxr Carbon copy, Boss RC2, Xotic effects AC+ and a little big muff. And I put that guitar in a Roccaforte 80 watts in a 2x12 cabs.
I'm recording with a lot of my gear and good friends gear. There is a mini list :
Imac with Logic Pro 9, Waves plugins and Komplete7 bundle.
RME fireface800
M-Audio Firewire 410 and midi controller
Behringer studio monitors Truth B2031A
Api channel
Neve pre-amp
TL audio
Universal audio
Shure, Akg,  Neumann and Audio-technica microphones





Demetrio Maso